Lámpara es a mis pies tu palabra, y lumbrera a mi camino. Salmos 119:105
Lámpara es a mis pies tu palabra, y lumbrera a mi camino. Salmos 119:105
Healing Restoration Life

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Los Ultimos Tiempos Pt.2 Pastor Jose Estrada

Los Ultimos Tiempos, Pastor Jose Estrada

Unidad en Cristo, Pastor Jose Estrada y Pastor Bob Benoit (bilingüe)


!Jesucristo ha resucitado! Pastor Jose Estrada

Jesus El Senor, El Hijo Perfecto de Dios Pastor Jose Estrada

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  • Hareshkumar (Monday, December 14 15 10:45 am EST)

    That is a great story. It may seem small, yetit obviously had a big imacpt on that gentleman'sevening. I had a small experience also. Iwas at my daughter's gymnastics class, talkingto her young
    instructor. The young lady mentionedthat she had gone to college to become a teacher,yet had not yet passed a required exam in orderto teach. Hence, she ended up teachinggymnastics to young children.
    She shared thatshe had caught some grief from her parents aboutnot using the skills they had paid for her toattain. I asked her if she liked what she wasdoing. She replied that she loves it and
    realizesshe is probably more suited for this work thanbeing in a classroom. Normally, I might havejust quickly responded that is great. . But instead,I remembered our group and replied, WhenGod
    closes a door he opens a window. It soundslike God knows exactly where you needed to be. She smiled and said, You are so right. She thenwent on her way teaching. The other cool thingis there were
    other parents/kids around whoalso heard our conversation. Who knows,maybe listening to us was just what God orderedfor one of them also! Looking forward to meetingagain on Monday and seeing everyone
    onSunday. Would love to have more join us!

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